The registered association Lyömätön Linja Espoossa (formerly Naisten Apu Espoossa ry.) was founded in 1979. The canonical purpose of the association is to give support to those who are victims of mental and physical domestic violence and to those who have seen domestic violence in their home. Another main purpose is to give support to the domestic violence perpetrators and to those who fear that they might use violence in their families.

Lyömätön Linja Espossa develops and implements various procedures to meet the goal of domestic violence victim and perpetrator support and the prevention of domestic violence. The association operated Women´s shelter during the years 1983-2012. The service provided both shelter and psychosocial support. Lyömätön Linja -service for the perpetators launched at 1993 in Espoo. Miehen Linja for immigrant men started at 2005. Miehen Linja -service provides both preventive work and intervention programme for domestic violence perpetators. Miehen Linja also organizes social integration groups.

Lyömätön Linja Espoossa is an non-profit association. The main financiers are the City of Espoo and the gaming revenue Veikkaus (via the Funding Centre for Social and Health Care Organisations, STEA). Singular projects have various sources of funding. Individuals and corporations or associations have also shown their support by donating funds to our work.

Lyömätön Linja Espoossa ry is an member association of the following: The Federation of Mothers and Child Homes and Shelters and The National Council of Women of Finland.

Colleagues from other European countries and around the World are most welcome to visit us in the Helsinki metropolital area, City of Espoo. Please contact our senior counsellor Kostas Tassopoulos.


(Lyömätön Linja translates roughly as " The Unbeatable Way" and Miehen Linja as " the Way of Men")