One of my favourite past times during the summer holidays is to read a lot. I read, different kind of books and magazines, but I particularly enjoy books that make me wiser. At least I’d like to think so. For example, Aphorism books. Aphorisms can be wise, witty and make you think and may allow you to reflect on your life. I have an old aphorism book on happiness that I find myself reading from time to time.

Happiness is one of the basic, fundamental human needs. Most of us are seeking happiness through our actions and choices in Life. This is something we also recognize in many of our clients as well.

I have listed some of my favourite thoughts on happiness from this book:

“There is no wrong time for happiness”

“Happiness is rather like jazz, if you have to ask what it is, you’ll probably never know”

” The path to happiness can be found by taking a good long laugh at… yourself!”

“Happiness can come free and unexpectedly, don’t seek it too desperately. Relax and it will come”

“Happiness is never out of fashion”

“The happy person often walks, unshaken, along the path that a thousand unhappy people insist is wrong”

“You’ll be happier thinking your own thoughts than trying to think of other people’s”

 “To be great you must be prepared to be misunderstood”

As I get prepared for my own holiday to start soon, I try to get myself into the holiday mood with positive energy: Happiness is ice-cream with your kids, happiness is sleeping in and having no schedules, happiness is a dip in the lake, happiness is a road trip with your loved ones, happiness is time spent with family and real friends, happiness is when you prepare yourself for good dreams and avoid things likely to give you nightmares.


Have a great summer everyone!


Dwayne Woodroffe

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Expert in Domestic Violence Intervention Work

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